TECO has the distinction of being the only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants.


The Philippines’ strategic location for trade, commerce and travel, makes the country an important member of the ASEAN Economic Community.

The Philippines is surrounded by global economic powers like China, Japan and Singapore on the east of the archipelago and the United States, Canada, and South American countries on the other side. It is also geographically located in one of the primary international routes in the world for both marine vessels and commercial airplanes, making it a crucial point of exchange in the world of commerce.


TECO Industrial Park (TECO) sits in one of the best strategic locations for domestic and international trade in the Philippines. Located in the province of Pampanga, the industrial park is just 7 km to 80 km (20 minutes to 60 minutes) away from major international airports and seaports in the country. This gives locators significant savings in logistics costs, improved operational efficiency and flexibility in shipping points for their import and export requirements.

TECO is located in an area that is protected from natural calamities in the form of floods and typhoons. The terrain of TECO stands at about 70 meters above sea level and has not experienced any flooding in the last 100 years. With regards to typhoons, although the Philippines is visited by about twenty (20) typhoons a year, Central Luzon where TECO is located is rarely significantly affected because of its natural protection from the Sierra Madre mountains found at its eastern side.

TECO has the distinction of being the only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants. These power plants which are both connected to the National Grid ensures all TECO locators enjoy high quality, reliable, clean and affordable power and steam.

The Philippines has the highest work demographics in Southeast Asia. This makes the sourcing of young, skilled and non-skilled workers easier. With the majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency, the Philippines is hailed as one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world. Government, legal and other corporate documents are also executed in English, thus the extra step of translation is no longer necessary.  This makes it easier for foreigners to communicate with, train and manage local manpower for their businesses. These factors were proven to be important to the Information Technology (IT) industry as well, where both programming and documentation are done in English.

TECO Industrial Park (TECO) is a 500-hectare industrial land development located in the province of Pampanga that has commercial and residential components. It was master-planned by the renowned Environmental Design Services of Taiwan with the vision of having an internationally recognized industrial park that is sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly.


TECO is part of the TIPCO Group of Companies which started as a paper manufacturing company in 1988. It later expanded its business operations to include engineering services, power generation, power distribution and agriculture. In early 2000, the owners of TECO – believing in the strategic location of its paper mill complex for foreign investors, decided to expand and convert it into an industrial park for which reason TECO was organized.

In 2005, TECO registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) 68 hectares of the expanded paper mill complex with its existing locators enjoying certain tax and non-tax incentives. Since then, TECO has undertaken continuous improvements for both the benefit of and in response to the needs of its locators. Through its continuous developments of additional areas, TECO currently has a total of 150 hectares of developed industrial areas as of mid-2020

In early 2019, the owners of TECO decided to pursue the complete development of its industrial park, as master-planned, to include its commercial and residential components. They were encouraged to do so because of the government’s commitment to implement its “Build Build Build” infrastructure program which is touted to usher in the Golden Age of Infrastructure in the Philippines.

This program is envisioned to not only strengthen the investment climate of the country but to also keep its infrastructure at par with those in other Southeast Asian countries. Under the said infrastructure program, the government is committed to spend up to 7.5% of its GDP (up from the average of 2.5% in the previous years) or about P9 trillion (US$180 billion) from 2016 up to the end of President Duterte’s administration in 2022.


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