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Facilities for Manufacturing Industries: The Benefits of Establishing Businesses in Industrial Parks

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Businesses within an industrial park can enjoy multiple advantages rather than establishing operations in a separate area and facility. Industrial properties are developed to offer space for businesses while ensuring that all necessary infrastructure and services are available for them to thrive. Industrial parks are frequently found in areas with a high concentration of people and potential for development. This is because industrial parks are designed to be all-inclusive, providing variety of options for enterprises to expand their operations.

Reliable Facilities. Industrial properties are designed and built in such a way that enterprises within can maximize their operations. These advantages include the potential to expand businesses, improve operational efficiency, and cut expenses in transportation, production, and maintenance.

In order to operate seamlessly and more efficiently, industrial properties should be able to provide complete support in terms of available resources and utilities that accessible.

Facilities and services inside TECO Industrial Park

Independent Power Supply: Businesses inside industrial properties require high amounts of power to function. As a result, industrial parks have their own independent electrical grid that provides adequate voltage to their locators. This promotes successful and reliable operations with minimal to no power outages.

Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment. Industrial parks have its own water supply and wastewater treatment facilities to improve sustainability and lessen the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing and production.

Security and Emergency Services. Industrial parks are gated properties that give security and emergency protection to enterprises within the park. It is critical to have ground staff and concerned authorities on standby around the clock to ensure security and safety.

Well-Trained Management Team: A qualified management staff is in charge of the administration and upkeep of shared amenities and infrastructure inside the park. Industrial parks make sure to employ a qualified team to respond to the enquiries and requirements of its locators as soon as possible.

Enhanced accessibility. Industrial parks provide easy access for businesses. This is due to its close proximity with import and export facilitation service offices and nearby communities. As a result, businesses can get the workforce required to conduct their operations efficiently. Furthermore, the availability of facilities and industrial infrastructure that will support its operations, and the convenience of employees in commuting to and from work, all play a role in deciding why industrial parks are the best option to locate business operations.

TECO Industrial Park in Mabalacat, Pampanga, is committed to delivering such a high-quality standard of services and facilities to its locators. Situated along Mabalacat-Magalang Road, TECO is close to newly constructed highways and expressways, international airports, and seaports making it one of the best strategic locations for domestic and international trade in the country. Its proximity to major road networks allows locators to save costs on logistics while improving operational efficiency for their import and export needs.

One of TECO’s distinctions is that it is the only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants. These power plants ensure that all TECO locators have access to high-quality, reliable, clean power at significantly lower delivered power rates. Aside from this, TECO is preparing to build its renewable energy sources such as solar and waste-to-energy power plants.

TECO, as a PEZA-registered economic zone, offers high-quality industrial plots to firms engaged in the light to medium industries. TECO continues to provide unparalleled service and assistance to its locators, with the goal of transforming the park into a national manufacturing powerhouse.



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